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Emerson Douglas

Credit card debt relief, the easy way

Let our team help you say goodbye to credit card debt stress and move forward with confidence.

Monica saved 41% on her debt

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Changing Your Lives, Changing Your Futures

Years Experience
15 +
Clients Enrolled
1900 +
Positive Review
92 %
USD Debt Resolved
$ 160 M+

How It Works

1. Free consultation

Let’s talk about your situation, look at some of your options and what might be the best fit with no obligation to you.

2. Tailored plan that fits your budget

Together we create a personalized plan to save money and relieve the strain on your finances

3. Debt relief

Get back your peace of mind, live without the burden of debt and have the knowledge of how to stay out of debt 


My troublesome account was settled for 20 cents on the dollar! I am very relieved to have found them and I would recommend them to my closest friends and relatives. - Richard

Total Debt: $22,790
Monthly Payment: $364
Program Length: 24 months
Total Savings: $18,232

Richard Military

Just a note to tell you how pleased we are with your services. We made our last payment, and you saved us a ton of money. Thank you so much!

Total Debt: $63,311
Monthly Payment: $619
Program Length: 19 months
Total Savings: $37,123

Monica Chief of Staff
Portrait of beautiful cheerful young brunette woman smiling at camera

I’m grateful for being directed to them. I want to compliment them on the excellent performance in my debt reduction and stopping the harassing calls from creditors/collection agencies.

Total Debt: $53,311
Monthly Payment: $452
Program Length: 23 months
Total Savings: $26,739

Kenneth Engineer

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a team of debt relief experts that will review your situation and  help identify solutions while offering guidance through the entire process. 

Debt Settlement can lower your monthly payments immediately to help relieve pressure and help you get out of debt and stay out of debt as quickly as possible.

Our program: Instead of paying your creditors directly, you’ll deposit a monthly payment to a escrow account, in your name and under your control. As you accumulate funds, we’ll contact your creditors and negotiate a reduced payoff amount. (Because you’re no longer paying the creditor, they often view getting a reduced amount as better than risking no payment received at all.) You’ll then authorize us to use the funds in your Dedicated Savings Account to pay your creditors the lower, negotiated amounts. As accounts are paid off at the lower negotiated rate, they should be reported back as a zero balance.

Emerson & Douglas goes the extra mile by taking the time to understand your budget and the best fit solution for your personal situation. We want you to be in control and help  customize your deposit schedule to fit your needs as much as possible. 

Emerson Douglas' debt settlement program includes a fee for their services, but this fee is performance-based and already included in the Dedicated Savings Account deposit. This means that we will only earn money for the work we do once we have settled the debt for a lower amount with the creditor. 

Our fees are based on the amount of debt enrolled and the state where the customer resides. These fees typically range from 15-25% of the enrolled debt. Despite these fees, customers can still expect to see significant savings when compared to the thousands of dollars in interest charges that they may have paid while struggling to pay off their credit cards.

For example, Monica had $63,311 in credit card debt and was paying $2163.13/ month. This amount was more than their mortgage! Working with Emerson Douglas we were able to lower that amount to $619/m over 19 months getting her out of debt for $26,188 less than she owed with our fees included!


Douglas amount to 20% of the enrolled debt, or $4,000. Even with these fees, the customer can still expect to see significant savings compared to the interest charges they would have paid had they continued to struggle with paying off their debts. The amount of savings will depend on the individual circumstances of the customer and the negotiations that Emerson Douglas is able to achieve with their creditors.

You will not be able to use any credit cards or any  accounts that are enrolled into a Debt Settlement program. 

When you are enrolled in a Debt Settlement program your balances are being negotiated down to a lower more reasonable amount for your financial situation. Because of this credit card companies will not allow you to use more credit until that lower negotiated balance is paid off. 

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